Competition Expectations

Teachers will evaluate students during September and October classes, and will choose students to participate in competition work at their discretion.  Students wishing to be competitive must take a ballet class.  Acro is also recommended but not mandatory for competitive dancers.

If you are chosen to take part in competition there is a lot to consider before agreeing. There will be extra costs for extra practices, costumes, competition fees, travel expenses, as well as extra practice time you will need to commit to.

If you decide you are willing to take on the extra responsibilities please keep in mind that competition is not taken lightly and not only are you in the spotlight, but so are the teaching staff, and schools reputation.

The studio will take part in a minimum of 3 competitions held between March and May. Students that choose to participate must commit to all competitions the school enters. Students will be expected to attend all of the scheduled extra classes, competitions, as well as a dress rehearsal held the beginning of March.

A competition permission form must be returned to the studio with the extra class fees in November. Once handed in the fees are non refundable. Extra classes will commence in November.   A notice will be emailed the end of October to notify them if they are invited to participate in competition.

Competition Costumes

Competition costumes can cost up to $130.00 each, and will be ordered from the U.S. solo costumes may be ordered from the U.S. or you may organize your own costume (purchase it or have it made with approval from the teacher). A $50.00 costume deposit will be required for each costume and will be due in November. Costumes will not be ordered if deposits have not been paid by the due date! (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Extra Competition Costs

There will be extra practices scheduled for solos and duets as well as any groups that will not be done during regular class time.   The fees are as follows and are due in November.

Extra Class Fees 
(Prices include 4 hours of extra classes, and are subject to change)

  • Solo – $350.00
  • Duet -$175.00 per student
  • Trio -$175.00 per student
  • Groups- $125.00 per student

Once these classes have been scheduled they cannot be changed. No extra practices will be re-scheduled unless it is the fault of the teacher. If additional classes are required after the allotted 4 hrs, there will be a charge of $30/student/class.

Competition Entry Fees – (subject to change)

The competition entry fees are as follows based on prior years fees, and are subject to change. The fees listed are a total for 3 competitions per dance and include GST. These fees are due in full in November.

(Fees listed are a total for 3 competitions)

  • Solos $196.00/per student
  • Duets/Trios $134.00/ per student
  • Groups $127.00/per student

*Please note we are happy to discuss payment arrangements for all of the above fees in advance of the due date if needed*

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